Welcome to the Internet presentation of the Consulate General of  Republic of Serbia in Chicago.

After a lengthy period,  Republic of Serbia again has its diplomatic representation at the largest center of our Diaspora in the United States. This Consulate General, opened following the democratic changes in our country, will undertake to introduce and represent  Republic of Serbia in this spirit. This Internet presentation is part of those efforts. Here you will find answers dealing with consular issues, activities of the Consulate General, current events in the Republic of Serbia as well as a source of information about our country.

Basic responsibilities of this Consulate General are first and foremost to provide consular services and protect the interests of the citizens of  the Republic of Serbia in our consular jurisdiction. One of the utmost priorities will be an endeavor to bring the Diaspora closer together with the mother country. A true partnership with our citizens and professionalism in providing consular services will be our principal goals.

The Consulate General will also strive to promote the development of mutual cooperation between our two countries, particularly in the sphere of politics, economy, culture and tourism.

We will welcome all your suggestions and proposals for the improvement of this site with great attention and interest. We truly hope that this Internet presentation will be useful and informative.

Thank you for your visit.